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We have completed our move and the new work space is finally up and running.
We are ready to start taking orders.

Please call or email us to order your Celtic Warrior Kilt.
Phone number or email informaton is available on our Contact Us page.

Welcome to Celtic Warrior Kilts.

We make custom, hand made kilts in the modern American style.

We specialize in kilts with contrasting pleat inserts.

All of our kilts are made to order.

We predominantly pleat our kilts in the reverse kingussie style.
However, we make kilts for you, to your specifications. Therefore we can and will also do your kilt in a traditional knife pleat or box pleat if you prefer.

This allows you to get the look you want, in a made-to-fit kilt that you will be proud to wear.
All of our kilts come with a matching cloth sporran.

Cargo pockets are available as an additional option.

We also make solid color and camouflage kilts.

Order your Celtic Warrior Kilt today and get in touch with the Warrior inside you.

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